| 3.8 Merchant Application: Step 3

Step 3: Banking & Sales Information
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Please enter your checking account information. If you are not quite sure where to find the numbers on your check, click here for an example. Your bank routing number will always be the number in between this symbol .

Is this a Joint Account?     
A joint account is an account with two names PRINTED on
the check ie:  "James and Carol Jones"
Name on Check :  

This is the account name in the upper left hand
corner of your check, NOT the name of your bank.
Checking Account #  
check example   
Numbers only. No spaces or dashes.
Bank Routing #  
check example   
Bank Name :       
Amount. of Avg. Sale $  

Enter WHOLE dollar amounts, (No $ or decimal point)

dollar amount for or ONE SINGLE transaction only!

Merchant Type :  
select closest description  
When do you bill Customers :     
Products/Services Sold :  

Important: List ONLY the products or services that you will
be using the account for.  

Percent of Sales:  
total must be ~ 100%   

Swiped:      Total   
Keyed with Imprints:
Keyed without Imprints: 
From Website:


How do you advertise :  

  Yellow Pages    Telemarketing  Catalog  Internet
  Word of Mouth Publications      Mass/Direct Mail





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