Automation for Faster Transactions!

Now frequent operations are automated making transactions even faster!

Pocket Verifier Professional for the Palm is already one of the fastest ways to make a mobile transaction. Now it is even faster! We received a call from a merchant saying "you ought to do this...".  It was a great idea, so we did!

First, merchants that always use the "Flip-it" feature no longer have to tap to flip the screen.  Our OPTIONS screen has a checkbox marked "Auto FlipIt", that when checked, will automatically flip the screen when it gets to the signature!

Once signed, press "Send"  The little key in the button indicates that this is an encrypted transmission, and is totally safe.

Second, we have an "AutoPrint Approvals" checkbox that will print the receipt the instant the transaction is approved, making it even faster, and saving two more taps on the screen!

Finally, we have a checkbox that lets you bypass the review screen.  This is the screen you see AFTER you have entered the amount, (or Amount and Tip), and allows you to enter an Invoice Number.  If you are not entering an Invoice Number, you can bypass this screen entirely by checking "Bypass Review Screen on Swipe". This only works on Swiped Transactions, on Keyed Transactions, you use this screen for data entry so you cannot skip it.

Now, you can see all of the credit card transaction.  If you wish to enter a tip, tap the word "Tip:" on the screen, and another calculator pad will open up. Your tip will be added to the previously entered amount, and shown in "Total:"

If you normally add TAX on the review screen, you can check the "Auto Tax" checkbox, and tax will be automatically added to each transaction.  We have had this feature for over a year, so most of you will be familiar with it.

You can download this upgrade anytime from our FREE Upgrades page. The upgrade works on all Palm OS devices.  If you are using a Treo 650, you can download it over the air by pointing your phone's internal browser to: