With Pocket Verifier Professional you can transfer funds from your customer's credit card directly into your checking account!


Common problems / Troubleshooting


If you are having difficulty getting a connection, or anytime you see "Looking for connection" over 30 seconds, tap on the spinning cube to the upper left.  After 30 seconds, it actually stops looking!

After you tap on the cube, you will get a "Connection Cancelled by User" message.  At this point, press "OK", then you can try again by pressing "Charge" again..  It is important to know that the phone gets its best connection when the antenna is pointing straight up.  Many users operate the credit card software with the phone laying on it's back, but in a fringe or remote area, this may not work.  Hold the phone vertically, and up in the air when you are in a bad area.  DO NOT start over and re-swipe the card!  Your first transaction might have gone through, and you just missed the approval!  Re-swiping makes it possible to double charge.  If you "Work" the original swipe, by resubmitting or saving it, you cannot double charge your customer!



Remembering that PDA phones are phones, we have to realize that the wireless radios inside (either CDMA or GSM/GPRS) are optimized for the best reception when being used as a phone. When we use them as a PDA, there is a tendency to operate them with the unit laying on it's back on a desktop or other surface.  Due in part, to a property of the carrier's signal called polarization, the unit will get it's best reception when the antenna is pointed up and down:

Pocket Verifier Professional only sends or receives data when the "Activate", "Charge" or "Void/Credit" buttons are pressed, so you can use the unit on it's back (or any position), simply pointing it vertically when you actually activate or charge a credit card!  Easy!  In problem areas, some merchants actually hold the unit vertically, and as high as they can.  This has been called the "Statue of Liberty Authorization" and has saved merchants dozens of sales over the years.


The icon in the lower right quadrant is our options menu.


FIRST, check your settings  From the main menu, tap on the "Printers & Gears" icon to access your settings.  Make sure the Printer / Reader is set to "Pocket Merchant", and that the Port Settings is set to "Serial" 

If your Settings are correct, go back to your original package, and use the spare cable (all Mac Tools Pocket Merchants are shipped with two cables just for this emergency).


Check and insure your online password is in UPPERCASE.  A MiXeD cAsE password WILL NOT WORK, even if you can log in over the Internet on a PC.  Mobile passwords must be UPPERCASE.  You can change or view your password settings at: https://www.oc2net.net/billing/Getpassword.asp 




Merchants charging the Pocket Merchant and Pocket Spectrum have reported charging problems when using some 110 volt inverters in vehicles.

It seems that many 110 volt vehicle inverters put out enough "hash" to confuse the "brain" or CPU inside the printers charging system. Most of these vehicle systems are "Square wave" inverters, which put out 110 volts, at 60 cycles per second (known as "Hertz" instead of Cycles since the 1970's) in a pure "on/off" or square wave instead of the sinusoidal or "sine" wave put out by the power companies..  A square and sine wave are shown to the left. Since a square wave is composed of an infinite number of higher frequency harmonics of the base frequency, there is a lot of high frequency noise in a square wave, overwhelming the little Pocket Merchant charger's CPU.  If you are having this problem, you can either charge your Pocket Merchant at home in the evenings, or you can get a Pocket Merchant Vehicle Charger.  If not, it is still a good thing to know if any other devices misbehave when used with a vehicle's 110 volt inverter.  Also, there are companies that make "Sine Wave" inverters if you have the need. Another note: remember these inverters are relatively low power, and they cannot operate items like heaters, blow dryers, etc.



First, make sure that you have the latest version installed.  You can always get the latest version for free, here.



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