Transaction Manager

The Transaction Manager is a built-in encrypted database, where you can view completed and pending transactions for Credit Cards and Bank Account Transfers (ACH). It is also the entry point for allowing voids and credits of completed credit card transactions. 




VOIDS / CREDIT After a Credit Card transaction is completed, the transaction server submits the record for end-of-day closeout (batch processing). If a closeout has not yet been performed, Pocket Verifier allows you to void a transaction. Issuing a void or a credit depends solely on whether a closeout has occurred. The tutorial below gives an example of issuing a void (in most cases, you can issue a void immediately after you received an Approved Credit Card transaction).


There may be times when you are unable to perform a wireless approval for a credit card or account transfer after taking all the information In this case, you save the information to the Transaction Manager for processing at a later date.  Just tap on an un-approved transaction (Saved with the "Save" button on the sales screen), This brings up the Credit Card Verification screen. From this screen you can re-send the information and obtain an approval code, or you can delete the record if the order was cancelled. In addition, you can add/clear a signature or add/modify a tip. You can even print an unapproved receipt