We are now going to set up our options, and configure Pocket Verifier Professional for the hardware we will be using, and the way we do business.


Starting from the main menu:
The icon in the lower right quadrant is our options menu.


After logging in, you will see the main menu screen.

The icon in the lower right quadrant is our options menu. tap on this.


Printer / Reader
Setting up a Card Reader Pocket Verifier allows you to attach a swipe terminal to your Treo through a direct cable connection or Bluetooth. IR Connections are not supported since credit card track information requires a completely secure and enclosed environment. The default setting for this software is our Pocket Merchant 2-in-1 Card Reader and Printer. Follow the instructions that came with your card reader/printer on how to install the device to your PDA

Port Settings:
You can select Serial (used for Pocket Merchant), or Bluetooth (for Pocket Spectrum on the Treo 650) You can also modify the transmission parameters, which are normally set by your printer selection, but to accommodate future offerings, you can change the baud rate (transmission speed), number of data bits, and parity.

Auto FlipIt
Pocket Verifier can automatically flip the screen so it faces the customer when it is time to sign!  This keeps orher people's dirty hands off your brand new PDA!

Autoprint Approvals
Check this box, and the printer will print the receipt as soon as the approval is received! This speeds up your transaction time greatly. 

Sending Signature to Server
Pocket Verifier provides server-side signature storage. The advantage is that you can use your MerchantAnywhere's WEB-Based transaction tool, Transaction Central for viewing and printing these approved transactions with the signature!

Prompt for Tip
When this box is checked, Pocket Verifier will put up TWO calculator keypads for each transaction, one for the amount, and one for the tip!  Also, this checkbox will cause a blank line on the service receipt so the customer can write in a tip.

Use Hard Buttons
Pocket Verifier allows you to use the PDA’s hard buttons as a substitute for the soft buttons located on the screen. Using this feature makes it easier to perform all your tasks without the need of a stylus

If you have multiple reps in the field, you can also assign a Rep ID. This allows for easier sorting and tracking of your transactions in the on-line system.

Add Tax
Pocket Verifier allows you to automatically add tax to your sale. Click Add Tax and enter a Tax Rate. Then each time you go to a new sale screen the tax will automatically be displayed and added to the Total of the sale.  On the SALES screen, click on the Tax label or value on the sales screen to toggle adding tax on and off. This is ideal if you sell various services and/or products that may or may not be taxable.

Setup Receipt Layout
This option has it's own two screens, as it is so flexible.  You can see them by clicking here.


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