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Cash receipts are the most often requested addition to our family of PDA software.  Almost all of our merchants accept cash, and they have a printer and PDA, but no way to generate a receipt!  Now with Pocket Change you can enter your sales amount, have the tax calculated, enter the amount tendered, have the change calculated, and print the receipt!  You can order it for only $10 online by clicking here !

  Pocket Change requires Pocket Verifier (or one of its cousins), it uses the option settings for its tax calculation, and receipt header / footer layout.

Pocket Verifier Options

The software Pocket Change requires to operate are:

  ●  Pocket Verifier Professional
  ●  Web Connect for PDA's
  ●  Mobile Verifier
  ●  NueMerchant Plus
  ●  Stellar Pocket
  ●  Mobile Swipe Pro
  ●  Integrated Mobile Merchant

In order to insure compatibility, you will need to be using Version 8.30 or greater.


  Receipt customization. Merchants can now customize the top AND the bottom of their receipts [1] with customized text, in large, small, bold and normal fonts, along with individual choice of left, right, or center justification! You still have the choice of standard (32 char/line 6 LPI) or condensed (42 char/line 8 LPI) for optimum paper use, and the titles can track this selection, or auto-override at your option!  These options are set inside the OPTIONS section of Pocket Verifier Professional. See our July 10 newsletter for all your formatting options!

  Two types of receipts! Pocket Change can issue a "service" receipt, where you print out the receipt, like in a restaurant, it has a place for the customer to enter tip, and total [2]. If "Show Tip Suggestion" is checked, the receipt will show pre-calculated tip suggestions of 15%, 18% and 20% [3] for your customer's convenience!

Service Receipt sample

  Our "Standard" cash receipt will even make change for you (hence the name), preventing errors, and just generally making life easier for our merchants.

Standard Receipt sample

  Auto TAX calculations! We now have an option to automatically calculate and add tax to your cash sales!