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Compare our Wireless Credit Card technology with the Industry Standard!


Naturally, we get this question quite often.  What we are actually comparing is a leading edge combination of PDA and Wireless technology to a 1980's traditional merchant terminal with a radio grafted on.  Most merchant service providers really have no choice, as it takes years of effort, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop today's high tech solutions, and frankly most of our competitors are stuck in the distant past.

Let's take a look at ALL of the important operating features and characteristics of the devices:  Our solution, Pocket Verifier Professional, which runs on a PDA phone from ANY one of these major carriers:

And the Industry Standard:  The Nurit 3010 by Lipman:


You have a WIDE selection of PDA phones from all the major carriers.   They will ALWAYS knock $$$ off their price OR GIVE YOU ONE FREE, if you renew or extend your service contract with them!  If you get the phone from your carrier, all you need to add is our $199 "Pocket Merchant"  or $299 "Pocket Spectrum" package, which contains the card reader, printer, case w/belt clip, software, interconnect cable (or Bluetooth for the Spectrum), and 4 rolls of paper!  EVERYTHING is included!

These older units are not cheap.  Typical pricing from a reputable reseller ranges from $1200 to $1500.  Unfortunately, many resellers will try to talk you into leasing one.  WHAT a RIP-OFF!  First, at the end of the 4 years, you don't even own it, and along the way, you have paid:  $1872 for a $39/mo lease - $2352 for a $49/month lease - or even $2832 for a $59/month lease. (by the way, shortly after you sign the lease, the salesman gets a check for the FULL amount:  It is NOT returnable).  We have seen people paying as much as $90 per month for these!  Some units on eBay, at $500 - $600 seem a bargain, until you discover that these are the older "Analog CDPD" units.  These units are useless, as the Analog networks are being shut down forever.


As with all wireless devices, the operating range is dependent on the coverage of the local carrier.  We use PDA Phones from Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Cingular, and T-Mobile.  These are companies with well-known coverage areas.  If your cell phone has good coverage where you go now, you've got coverage!

On the other hand, The Nurit 3010 and other traditional devices use the older, "data only" networks, such as Motient, Mobitex, and RAM Mobile Data.  Mobitex in the US (the most popular) is OWNED by Cingular (it was purchased from BellSouth), but when the salesman tells you you are getting CINGULAR service, beware!  The Mobitex service coverage area is only a tiny FRACTION (in square miles) of the TRUE Cingular service area.


Another advantage of using YOUR carrier's PDA Phone - You ALREADY have a contract with them!  Some carriers have a penny per kilobyte (about 2.5 cents per transaction) charge for data, others have a fixed charge for 1, 2 or 5 Megabytes of data per month.  Whatever carrier you use, the SMALLEST plan they offer is plenty!  A ONE Megabyte plan is enough for 400 transactions!

With these dedicated units, you are obligated to let your merchant service provider sign you up for data service.  This can range anywhere from $20 to $50 per month, depending on the amount he wants to mark it up!  See our pricing (above), this is a WHOLE NEW CONTRACT as well!


You have a wide choice for PDA's, but for this example, we will use a Treo 300 package.  The Treo phone is 4.5" high, by 2.75" wide, and .75" thick, for 9.28 Cubic inches.  The Pocket Merchant is 3" wide, 5" long, and 1" thick, for another 15 cubic inches, which is a total of 24.28 cubic inches.  Total weight (with paper) is UNDER 14 ounces.

The Nurit 3010 is 3.6" High, by 4.25" Wide, and 9.06" long.  That is over 138 cubic inches!  It weighs 2.17 pounds without paper, and while it operates fine on a desk, it is considered a "handheld" only by a stretch of the imagination, or by a football linebacker. Just TRY to cram this in a purse, briefcase, or sales kit.  This is OVER Five and 1/2 times the size of our state-of-the art package!

You can upgrade BOTH the software, and the hardware.  Software upgrades are ALWAYS FREE, and available here.  As new PDA phones become available from your carrier, you can upgrade as often as you like.  Some carriers have an upgrade plan, where you can get a new unit every 2 years, just by staying with them!

Basically, you are STUCK for the duration of your lease, even when the lease is up, you do not "own" the device, you still must pay "fair market value" (as defined by your leasing company, not you).


Our advanced technology coupled with the features of these cutting edge PDA phones, allows us to offer features like on-screen signature capture with web-based reporting and signature display, store and forward,  ACH (Electronic Check acceptance), Keyed transactions with Address Verification, and much much more.  You can also issue Credits and Voids from our built-in Transaction Manager Database. New, optional features like Cash Receipts, and Check Guarantee are just a simple download with your desktop PC!

The Nurit 3010 offers Sale, Credit and Void.


You can choose (by carrier) PDA Phones using the popular Palm Operating System, the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) operating System, or the Symbian Operating System. (we support them ALL) 

Accept Credit Cards on your Sprint Treo 600!Accept Credit Cards on your Sprint Treo 300!
No choices. 


Since it's your PHONE, you are never without it, and never out of touch.  Even if you forgot your reader, you can still Key in the card info!  As a PDA, it keeps track of your phone #'s, appointments, To-Do lists, etc.  Browse the web, send and receive email, download a map when you get lost, or run any number of the quarter MILLION software packages written for PDA's!

With the addition of rope or chain, makes an acceptable boat anchor.

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