When you first launch Pocket Verifier, you will be required to activate at least one merchant account. In order to do this, you must have submitted your Merchant Account paperwork in order to be issued a Merchant ID and password. In addition, activation requires a serial number that is provided by us.

If you are waiting for your Merchant ID and password, you can still activate a test account: 10600. This account will allow you to try most of the features that Pocket Verifier Professional has to offer. It is recommended however, that you use your own account with the examples in this tutorial. The card numbers and amounts used in this tutorial for credit card transactions are for testing purposes only. There are special test accounts at the bottom of this page that will provide valid responses, but will not be processed on your account.



Click the OK button to show the Account Activation screen.


1.       Enter your Merchant ID in to the MID: text area.
The test account number is: 10600

2.     Enter your Password in the PWD: text area.  The
Password for the test account is 1234 YOURS will be
4 letters and 4 numbers.

3.     Enter your Serial Number into the KEY: text area.
The serial number for the test account is: SER10600 Yours will be 6 to 10 characters long and start with AM1.



Once these are entered, tap ACTIVATE


Your account will be activated, and you can check the
box, "Remember Password" to prevent having to
re-enter it each time.

Tap "OK"


Voila!  You are now at the main menu, and
ready to process transactions.


Pocket Verifier Professional Trial for Palm OS

There are 3 test accounts:

MID:   10000
PWD: 1234
KEY:  10000

This test account simulates a wireless connection, for demonstrations when out of wireless range.
MID:   10011
PWD: 1234
KEY:  SER1234

This test account communicates with the transaction system, but all transactions are approved with a 'dummy' authorization code.
MID:   10600
PWD: 1234
KEY:  SER1234
MAC TOOLS Test account. - This test account communicates with the transaction system, but all transactions are approved with a 'dummy' authorization code.

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