FAQ’s about Merchant Rates & Charges


I was told term commitments and cancellation fees are required by the bank. Is this true?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! According to MasterCard's ISO Guide to working with acquirers, (section 2, page 3), this is one of the actions that they actively discourage as damaging and abusive: "
Such practices can include hidden fees, gouging on terminal leases, bait-and-switch pricing, the promise of "guaranteed" merchant approval, Internet "spamming" (unsolicited mass emailings), laundering, inaccessibility for resolution of customer service issues, and contract cancellation penalties.Actions of this nature led to Federal Trade Commission action AGAINST an ISO (Independent Sales Organization) The complete ISO guide is downloadable at www.transactionworld.com .

Why do companies charge a cancellation fee?
Most often, a percentage of the cancellation fee is used to pay affiliate and referral commissions. Also, a cancellation fee allows the provider to raise your rates over and over, knowing the cancellation fee will keep you locked in.
Why do so many companies offer leases on their software and hardware?
This lease is really a contract. It keeps you locked in to them for the duration of the lease(12, 24, or 48 months). A $39 dollar per month lease sounds like a good deal? Do the math. Its $1872.00 over 4 years! If you are willing to pay that much for a $450 terminal, call us immediately.

Some companies offer $50, $100 even $200 dollars for a referral,where does the money come from?
Affiliate and referral commissions come from YOUR application, setup and cancellation fees. We do not pay affiliate fees or commissions, period. Our advanced mobile and PC technology brings customers to us, where we can offer them a merchant account without the overhead of paying an affiliate. Many companies have nothing more to offer than merchant services and overpriced dial-up terminals, so they must use this sales method.

I already have a merchant account, can I use it for my mobile transactions?
No. In order to achieve all of the functionality within our PC and mobile solutions, specialized programs and servers have been implemented at our processor. Without the support of these servers and programs, our system could not offer all the features and functionality that it does. 

Why are your monthly rates and equipment costs so low?
It's not that ours are so low, it is that the competition is so high! The average commissioned salesperson might get 1 to 10 accounts per month. From these few accounts, the hardware profits and signup fees have to pay for their homes, cars, and family. No wonder the competition wants you to sign a 48 month lease at $49 dollars per month! Our technology for Palm, Pocket PC, Nokia, Nextel, and PC's bring us a constant stream of merchants that apply on line, with minimal overhead.

Why does my application need to be approved?
When you apply for a merchant account, you must declare your ticket size, and request a monthly dollar volume, which will become your processing limit. What many merchants do not realize is that for every dollar you receive via a credit card payment, the bank is responsible to potentially refund the cardholder. This is why the banks employ underwriters to insure them against defaults. When your account is approved, it is approved for a specific monthly maximum, much like your consumer credit card has a specific spending limit.
Why are there volume limits?

When you became a merchant, you gained the ability to enter numbers in a PC, PDA, or Terminal, and funds appear in your checking account. The cardholder is not formally advised of this until the end of the month. This has an obvious potential for abuse. Or, if a merchant suffers large chargebacks and does not have the funds to cover them, the underwriter must repay the bank. These and other scenarios can result in a potential risk of up to 6 to 12 times the merchants monthly volume to the underwriters! In order to protect themselves, the underwriter needs to verify that each merchant is financially responsible to a level commensurate to the risk. Credit and processing history are among the factors used to make this determination.

For every dollar you accept on a credit card, YOU get the funds, but the UNDERWRITERS are responsible for it, if you do not deliver the product or service. Business that are accepting funds for a third party and business that accept funds for future fulfillment have higher risk factors then merchants that deliver a physical product or service immediately. Merchants that swipe cards and deliver immediately are the lowest risk of all (generally). 

What happens if I go over my limit? Just like your consumer credit card, if you go over your limit without asking first, things can get nasty. When they approved you for a specific amount, they entered that amount in a computer, and when you go over that limit, all sorts of bells, whistles, and alarms go off. If you are approaching your limit, or have a oversize transaction, you can call the toll free number to request a change in ticket size or volume.

Why don't I just apply for a Zillion dollar account, then I would be covered for any transaction. Your application will be reviewed based upon the monthly volume, transaction size, and other factors like if you do future fulfillment, key or swipe your transactions, and balanced against your business and personal credit history. 

We endeavor to approve everyone, although high risk profiles and/or low credit scores may may make it difficult. We may recommend a cosigner or other means to help those merchants meet the qualifications necessary. The vast majority of our merchants are approved with no problems, we will email you if there is any additional information necessary to complete your application..
Who can use this service?

This product is perfect for all of the U.S. businesses, that perform any sales or service out of the office. From the gardener who mows your lawn, to the nationwide chain that delivers your pizza, Our mobile and PC technologies allow individuals and corporations to deploy inexpensive devices that multiply their sales, and increase their cash flow. From now on, whenever you take a taxi, call a locksmith, have your broken window repaired, or have your drains unclogged, you will see the opportunity this product represents.

Due to Visa Cross-Border acquisition regulations and our bank's underwriting procedures, we can only have merchant accounts issued for merchants that meet the following criteria:

1) US based business with physical address in the US
2) US based checking account
3) Principal with US address
4) Principal with US Social Security number

What is the Swiped Rate?

When you use a card reader, the bank knows that you have the credit card in your hand, have checked the cardholder's identification (you are required to do this), and the cardholder is present to give you a signature (you need to do this too). This makes for a much safer transaction, for both you and the bank. In return they offer a much better discount rate on your transaction, 1.69% instead of the standard 2.2%. You are probably asking why you cannot get this better rate if you enter the data yourself. The bank will not allow this, the reason is that unless the data encoded on the magnetic stripe is transmitted to the bank at the time of the transaction (information that does not appear on the face of the card), they cannot be absolutely certain that you have the card in hand.
Will I be approved?

Merchants have the ability to enter numbers on a PC, PDA, or terminal, and MONEY will appear in their account.  This represents a potential loss to the bank in the case of a dishonest merchant, therefore accounts are approved based on reasonable credit qualifications. Higher volume applicants may be asked to provide additional information, but we will TRY to approve everyone.  If your credit is marginal, they may approve you for a lower volume, request a co-signer, or use other means to get you approved.  WE DO NOT CHARGE HIGHER RATES FOR MARGINAL CREDIT, the underwriters will either accept or decline an application based on credit and business type.
In addition, it is against VISA regulations to issue an account to anyone on the MATCH List (formerly known as the TMF, or Terminated Merchants File). 

What about High Risk Businesses?

We can accept some high risk businesses, however gambling, adult, and pornographic sites need not apply. Websites that display any nudity or contain links to sites that do, will not be accepted by the bank.

Can I sign up without a business checking account?

Yes. The processor has agreed to allow MerchantAnywhere.com members to process with a personal bank account and can change the bank account at any time by simply faxing a voided check to MerchantAnywhere.com from the new bank account. This is for sole proprietors and partnerships only, corporations must have a business account.
Can I sign up without a business name?

Yes. Your registered Legal business name, will be your name as it appears on your social security card, but you can have your merchant account set up as "Your Name Enterprises" or "Your Name and Associates". Whatever name you use as your DBA Name, corporate or otherwise, make sure that your customers know that your DBA name will appear on their credit card billing statements.
I just opened (or am going to open) a checking account. Can I use my temporary checks?

NO! However, when you go to the bank to open your account (and many businesses open an account just for their credit card processing), just get a letter from the bank manager, stating the account name, account number, and the bank's transit (ABA or Bank Routing) number on the Bank's letterhead. You can include that in your application instead of waiting for your imprinted checks.

Is this real, Why do others charge $200 to $500 to set up a Merchant Account?

Traditionally, merchant account providers pay a referral fee those those that refer them. Many on the Internet, now pay as much as $250 for a referral! Application and setup fees are used to pay these fees. We do not pay any referral fees, ever. Before on-line trading, it used to cost hundreds of dollars to purchase stocks. With our wireless and PC technologies, bringing qualified merchants to us, we were able to negotiate this ZERO ENTRY COST merchant account!
I already have a merchant account, can I just use it?

No. In order to achieve all of the functionality within our PC and mobile solutions, specialized programs and servers have been implemented at our processor. Without the support of these servers and programs, our system could not offer all the features and functionality that it does. 
What credit cards can I accept with this system?

Visa and MasterCard are automatically approved. MerchantAnywhere.com will also apply for (at no additional cost), American Express, and Discover merchant accounts, although everyone is not automatically approved. Amex and Discover will set their own rates with you directly, and we have no influence or control over these. In addition, Discover has recently begun to charge it's new merchants $25 upon acceptance. This is a direct charge from Discover, and we have no control over this.
When do I receive my funds?

In most cases, funds are available in the checking account you specified within two to three business days after your transactions are batched (reconciled). We will automatically process your batch for you every business banking day, so you can't forget!. This can save you time, and help you get your funds faster.

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