For Android
iPhone  iPad &  iPad Mini

(Internet connectivity required for operation)

For PROFESSIONALS who need PRINTED receipts for their customers!

iMerchant is the perfect, Bluetooth companion to swipe Credit Cards and print Professional Receipts for:

  • Pocket Verifier IOS

  • Pocket Verifier Android

  • PV Limo Edition IOS

  • PV Limo Edition Android

  • Meritus Mobile IOS

  • Meritus Mobile Android

  • Merchant on the Move IOS

Each Package includes:

  • iMerchant Printer / Reader

  • 3 rolls thermal paper

  • Fast (1 Hr.) charger

  • 1100 mA Lithium Ion removable battery


Bluetooth Pairing with iMerchant



        While some competitors offer no telephone support, or contract it out to India, you can speak directly to the authors of the software, the manufacturer of the hardware, and your merchant account provider...  US!  Now that's access to support!  The very same team that helps you set up an account is also your resource for help with our mobile and PC technologies!  We are available from 9:00am to 5:00pm Pacific (Here in sunny, California, USA).  Also a 24 hour Toll free number is available to our merchants upon approval!



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