Merchant accounts - accept credit cards on your PC, Palm, Pocket PC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, or Nextel!  $0 Startup fees- NO term commitments!

Merchant Accounts with a Flat Monthly Rate - $24.95
Swipe or key credit cards on your PDA or PC!

( 1.69% swiped or 2.2% keyed and 30˘ per transaction)

NO Application Fee • NO Setup Fee • $0- ZERO Startup Cost

NO Term Commitment (Month-to-Month) • NO Cancellation Fee

NO Statement Fee • NO Gateway Fee • NO Monthly Minimums

FREE  AMEX Setup • FREE Technical Support
Gateway services
INCLUDED • Virtual Terminal INCLUDED



MOBILE Solutions PC & Laptop Solutions E-Commerce Solutions
Accept Credit Cards on iPhone, Android,, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, & Palm You can accept credit cards on your PC! Accept Credit Card Payments on your Website with our e-commerce solutions!

Android, & iPhone,
Printing Solutions
For when email receipts are not enough...

Swiped & Keyed Payment 
Solutions for Windows!
Use your PC instead of an expensive terminal!

E-Commerce Solutions for your website!
Our FREE Gateway service makes 
e-commerce Easy!
See our solutions above for Mobile Merchants , PC's and Laptops, as well as E-commerce.  Use one, two, or ALL of these for the same low price!

NEW!  Limousine Version - PV Limo Available Now!

        While some competitors offer no telephone support, or contract it out to India, you can speak directly to the authors of the software, the manufacturer of the hardware, and your merchant account provider...  US!  Now that's access to support!  The very same team that helps you set up an account is also your resource for help with our mobile and PC technologies!  We are available from 9:00am to 5:00pm Central..  Also a 24 hour Toll free number is available to our merchants upon approval!

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Our technology and services
have won critical acclaim
and awards! Take a look!

Our Systems have been
Selected and are being Sold 
directly by MAC Tools

Over a decade of service
to our valued customers!

Merchant Testimonials-
See what our merchants
have to say about us! is a Visa/Mastercard Registered Merchant Service Provider, and also the creators and authors of award winning technologies designed to drive the cost of accepting credit cards down!

With, you are dealing with the authors of the software, as well as the manufacturers of the hardware!  The "buck stops here!"  In addition, the same people who set up your account will be supporting you as you use our systems. Real people, in California - Not India!

PC's, Laptops, iPhones, Androids, e-Commerce, we do it all, on a single Merchant Account (other companies generally require you to have multiple accounts with multiple fees).  

Introducing Pocket Verifier™ Professional, the award winning Mobile Credit Card processing software for the iPhone and Android. We also offer swiped transactions on your PC / Laptop or . With Pocket Verifier™ you can use the latest PDA phones from the carrier of YOUR choice! Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Cingular, Cellular One, T-Mobile, Alltel,’s up to you! Our iMerchant adds the credit card reader (swiper) and receipt printer - turning your PDA phone or laptop into a wireless credit card machine at a fraction of the traditional cost!

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You can start making sales anywhere on iPhone & AndroidProcess credit cards on your PC or Laptop. Compare our advanced technology against traditional wireless systems here. Best of all... nearly 95% of our new customers get rapid approval, and can actually begin accepting credit cards within 2 business days after they FAX their paperwork!   If you have questions, call us at (714) 449-0211 9am to 5pm Pacific.

Don't get ripped off! ANY company that has a term commitment (1,2, or 4 year contract) OR has a cancellation fee, KNOWS they can raise your rates the day after they have your signature and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! The banks DO NOT require term commitments or cancellation fees, the salespeople do!  (Click here so see our FAQ's Our Flat Rate billing protects you from "Invoice Creep", the traditional practice of raising statement, gateway, and maintenance fees month after month. 

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