Combined Merchant Account & Gateway Account
with a Flat Monthly Rate - $24.95


(2.2% keyed or 1.69% swiped and 30 per transaction)

NO Application Fee NO Setup Fee $0- ZERO Startup Cost

NO Term Commitment (Month-to-Month) NO Cancellation Fee

NO Statement Fee NO Gateway Fee NO Monthly Minimums

NO Annual Fees FREE  AMEX Setup FREE Technical Support
Gateway services

In order to sell products from your website you need four things:

1) Merchant Account
2) Gateway Account
3) Shopping Cart
4) Security Certificate

We give you BOTH the Merchant Account and the Gateway Account at the Flat rate of $24.95.
You can select from a number of shopping cart systems (below), depending on your needs.  
Some include hosting with SSL Certificates, some require purchase of a separate certificate. 
Some of these are FREE, some have a one-time, or a low monthly cost. 
Check with your shopping cart provider for more details.
We have full integration information for custom shopping carts here!


Using a Content Management System or CMS?
Check out Fleapay (WordPress), VirtueMart (Joomla), and Ubercart (Drupal)


Works with all these Carts & Services




Fleapay is a simple SSL-secured checkout widget that can quickly be added to your site.
It's simply the best solution for users looking to add BUY IT NOW buttons with secure checkout.
There's even a Wordpress Plug-In! Once you get your FREE Fleapay account

 you can request a RegKey.


VirtueMart is an Open Source E-Commerce solution that works with Joomla and Mambo. 
Click here to Download the Payment Module for Joomla v1.53 & VirtueMart 1.1.3
You can receive a RegKey by clicking here




MerchantAnywhere is compatible with Ubercart.

An exciting open source e-commerce package that fully integrates your online store
with Drupal. You can download the Payment module here, which was developed
by You
can receive a RegKey by clicking here.






OSCommerce is completely compatible with credit card merchant accounts
OSCommerce users: Download our UPDATED payment module  (AMS2.2.2)
OSCommerce is the #1 FREE, Open Source shopping cart for UNIX!
Many thanks to Dave Ferrise of for this module,
which now supports CVV2 as well as AVS for better fraud detection!
 You can receive a RegKey by clicking here




Zen Cart is one of the foremost Open-source shopping carts available!  We have

Payment modules for the previous 1.3.6 version, as well as the newer 1.3.7 version,
the 1.3.8 Version, or the latest 1.3.9 VersionJust click on your version above to get 
your payment module!  You can receive a RegKey by clicking here

Magento is an Open Source shopping cart with a difference! 

Unlike most Open Source carts, you can purchase modules and support contracts
for a more traditional experience!  You can purchase the payment module here.



What shopping cart do WE useKing Cart!  More features than we have room to
list here, but the most outstanding is the LIVE links to UPS and FedEx for shipping
pricing, including user defined markup!  NO upfront costs, dirt-cheap pricing,
and complete integration with Transaction Central
You can receive a RegKey by clicking here



This is a great cart that you can host on Windows servers.
This cart is truly amazing, they a number of great features and options.
It's not free, but for a one-time price, you own it. Put it on your server, and since
sourceis available, you can do anything you want!

You can receive a RegKey by clicking here



VP-ASP Cart is an open source software, so you get full control over it at the start. 
It comes with the full set of eCommerce tools along with unlimited products, categories and users.
There are shipping calculators, supports 20+ languages, powerful marketing and SEO tools.
 The payment gateway module can be downloaded free here, For customers with 
current licenses (less than 12 months old) - Search for: "TransFirst or Merchant Anywhere"


Pinnacle Cart is an extremely POWERFUL and AFFORDABLE shopping cart / web
 site builder application that allows you to customize, manage and effectively market your on-line store. This easy-to-use, the solution also includes tools to help you acquire new sales and effectively communicate with existing customers. It has customizable, robust reporting tools, newsletter, and product update wizards, recommended products, froogle data feed and much more.

Works with FEDEX, UPS and USPS real-time shipping tools.
You can receive a RegKey by clicking here




Compatible shopping carts


These carts are listed as compatible by their vendors.
They list the Transaction Central gateway under various names, so we have listed them here for you.


Shopping Cart URL Gateway listed as: Transfirst Transaction Central / MerchantAnywhere PRIGate / MerchantAnywhere MerchantAnywhere
Communicart MerchantAnywhere MerchantAnywhere
Vstore Advanced Merchant Solutions
Mal's e-Commerce Transaction Central
3dcart Merchant Anywhere

      SmartCart       Payment Resource (TransFirst)

EcommerceReady PRIGate (TransFirst)

1ShoppingCart PRIGate (TransFirst)

xAuthorize PRIGate (TransFirst)

Volusion PRIGate (TransFirst) Transaction Central  (ASP Free download)

Ultra Cart Transaction Central
Cart32 Payment Resources
Able Commerce Requires Additional Module

Squirrelcart Transaction Central 




Incompatible shopping carts


These carts are DESIGNED to remove your choice merchant processor, and LOCK YOU IN. 
Many want to add to your transaction costs and fees!


  • GoDaddy Shopping Cart
  • Yahoo Shopping Cart
  • Monster Commerce
  • Miva Merchant Shopping Cart
  •'s Cart
  • PayPal
  • Google CheckOut
  • Cube Cart 
  • Network Solutions 
  • Quickbooks
  • PeachTree


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