"Advanced Merchant Solutions incorporates innovative and proprietary technology for
bringing complete turn-key solutions to the mobile business community."

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Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. is the developer of a proprietary, breakthrough technology that uses the wireless Internet to provide business owners merchant banking capabilities anywhere, and at anytime 24/7. Founded in early 2001, the company saw the potential of mobile businesses such as contractors, installers, vendors, consultants, taxis, plumbers, and locksmiths who deliver their product or service in the field. These businesses have had limited options to accept credit cards until now.

Pocket Verifier™ Professional is an innovative application that allows users to accept credit card payments for their mobile businesses. Our Award Winning technologies operate on all of the major  wireless carriers: Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular, and others.

In order to provide the customer with a complete solution, not just a software package, Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. has formed a strategic partnership with TransFirst™ a division of TransFirst, in order to provide fixed-rate, operational merchant and gateway accounts for its customers.

Traditionally, merchants have tolerated industry-wide abuse from thousands of independent, commissioned sales reps, each trying to gouge as much out of each merchant as possible. In order to remove the greatest barrier to entry, the company operates on a "direct to the merchant basis".  This removes the greatest markup in the chain: the sales rep, and makes advanced technology affordable for the first time. 

As the leader of today's electronic and mobile commerce technologies, Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. has formed alliances and partnerships with the industry's leaders, and is a Palm Select Alliance Member, a Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner, a Handspring Registered Developer, and is a registered and recognized developer for Sony, Nokia, and other mobile device manufacturers.

Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc., is a Registered Visa / Mastercard Independent Sales Organization (ISO) for Columbus Bank and Trust, Columbus, Georgia.

Over the years, we also added a number of new product lines that continue to keep us on the leading edge, and ahead of the competition for wireless and mobile merchant processing.  We were recently selected to provide the mobile processing solutions for MAC Tools, which you can see at www.MACPayment.com


Here are some of the titles we have published:


           Stellar Pocket was developed for Stellar Telematics, Inc.


Corporations, ISO's, Gateways and Processors can get
more information on our private label programs here



Pocket Merchant has a 2-track credit card reader and thermal receipt printer'
Click here for details on the Pocket Merchant

Early 2002, our company added a hardware division, secured exclusive US distribution agreements, and rapidly brought to market a new series of proprietary printers and card readers: The Pocket Merchant, Pocket Printer and Pocket Spectrum. These hardware products not only added a broader base of support for our customers, OEM’s, and merchants, but allowed us to strategically position ourselves as hardware manufacturers. Pocket Merchant, along with Pocket Printer, and the new Bluetooth-enabled Spectrum, adds new functionality and value to the Pocket Verifier family of software products


Koala is a complete wireless Palm OS based merchant terminal, developed for Verices, Inc.
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Later in 2002, Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. was commissioned to design and manufacture advanced merchant terminal devices around PDA (Palm OS and Pocket PC) technologies. The Koala PDA reached the advanced operational Prototype stage, and we had a number of working units when Verices, LLC. became insolvent.  This successful prototype shows the remarkable engineering capabilities of our company.


click here for details of the nSwipe system

In 2003 we also launched our nSwipe.com service, which allows merchants to perform swiped credit card transactions over a Nextel phone. This is an especially good market, as Taxis, Limousines, and dispatched services (plumbing, heating, etc.) use the Nextel “Direct Connect”, or “walkie-talkie” feature. All of these businesses can now use their Nextel phones to accept credit card payments as well, using our service.


See the site we developed for Mac Tools!

In 2004, after nine months of vigorous testing with a group of volunteer MAC Tools distributors, we were authorized to produce a version of our software with the prestigious MAC tools Logo.  Pocket Verifier was enhanced to accept their private label HSBC credit card.  Not only can the MAC Tools distributors accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Amex, but they can now swipe their own Mac Card just as fast!  This capability opens the door for not only other corporate private label cards, but gift and loyalty programs as well.


See our Windows Smartphone Packages!

In 2005, we introduced our technology for the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform, a lower cost Windows Mobile technology without a touch screen. We introduced many enhancements to our Palm and Pocket PC packages, like Daily reports, Flip n' Sign, Cash Receipts and much more!  As always, these enhancements are FREE to all owners of our software!  WE also added ACH to our Nextel solution nSwipe, and created a special version for the Windows Mobile Treo 700W and 700WX  series of Pocket PC's.


See our Blackberry Package!

In 2006, we introduced our technology for the Blackberry platform, in cooperation with one of our OEM partners, Primary Merchant Solutions, Inc.  We added full PCI-DSS compliance to our products, including PC Verifier and Pocket Verifier, and released the Pocket Spectrum PLUS, a Lithium-ion powered version of the Pocket Spectrum with a 30% increase in printing speed!  We added auto-internet-connect to the Pocket PC family, and our BBB score rose to an "A" for years of excellent customer service!


In 2007, we submitted our successful application to become a Registered Visa / Mastercard Independent Sales Organization (ISO) and Merchant Service Provider (MSP) for Columbus Bank and Trust, Columbus, Georgia, through TransFirst, LLC.  This registration allows us far more ability to service our merchants and customers, as well as multiplying our customer base nationwide.  Our association with TransFirst, LLC will open up new markets for our technology across the United States.


In 2008, we introduced several new products, including the iPhoneVerfiier, which allows the iPhone to accept and authorize credit cards anywhere.  We also introduced support for the new generation of 640 x 320 high resolution Windows Mobile phones like the HTC Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, and Fuze.   In addition, we introduced our Pay@PC system to our Corporate Markets to further fuel growth through our ISO partners!






It has been another exciting year, with the usual growing pains, but we are excited about the future and the enormous potential for growth that we have. If you have more interest in our products and services, please feel free to visit us at www.MerchantAnywhere.com, or www.MACPayment.com


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