FREE MerchantAnywhere Toolbar!

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Now you can have everything at your fingertips!  We have created in conjunction with Alexa (an company), a version of the Alexa Toolbar with a link to MerchantAnywhere! This gives you immediate access to:

    Transaction Central
         Enter Sales
         Void a Sale
         Issue Credits
         Get Reports
    Free Software Upgrades
    Weekly Newsletter Library
    New Products
    Bargain Basement
    FRAUD Watch
    Order Supplies

In addition, our Toolbar will:

  • Get rid of those annoying popup ads.
  • Search the Web and other resources directly from your toolbar.
  • Learn about Web sites including traffic information and contact info.
  • Surf more efficiently with Related Links for each page.
  • Share opinions about sites with other users.

We HATE pop-ups...

Even if you already have a pop-up blocker, you notice some are still "getting through".  Evil programmers around the world are constantly coming up with new ways to cram adverts down your throats, right through the eyes!  We have found that adding a "second layer" of protection, usually filters even the most clever advertisement! 

In addition, GOOGLE Search is is built right in to speed up your searching!

Now you can have all the power of Google, without having to go to the Google home page to do it!  You can also "Drag and Drop" text from the page you are viewing, right onto the search box in the toolbar, and get instant definitions, or research! 

Tired of "digging" through a site, just to get a phone number or address?

Our Toolbar's INFO button will give you: Address, Phone & Fax numbers, Email address, even maps & directions!  In addition, if the company has any reviews on (Alexa's parent company), they will appear as well., along with the site's traffic ranking (a measure of how popular the site is), and the other sites that link to it.  Generally, if a site is trusted, and an authority in it's field, other large sites will use it as a reference.  As an example, PalmSource uses MerchantAnywhere as it's reference on how to take credit cards on a Palm powered handheld.

Site Statistics is not just a tool for the internet merchant, it can help you view the popularity of a potential vendor, or even compare two or more of them:
Here we are showing a 1 year site rank chart showing MerchantAnywhere (blue) beating the pants off the corporate giant CardService International (red).  We have moved into the top 25,000 web sites worldwide, (currently 24.251st).

Related Links. Going shopping?  See someone's competitors.. ALL OF THEM! Find alternate sources for the same or similar products.  Related links shows you all the OTHER places people go when browsing a particular site:

Travel into the past. The Page history button can show you what this page looked like in 2004, 2003, all the way back to 1996 if it existed!  See what prices were back then!

click here to see OUR site back in 2001! (We are bigger now, but the rates have not changed)


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