FAQ’s about Merchant Rates & Charges
I was told term commitments and cancellation fees are required by the bank. Is this true? 
ABSOLUTELY NOT!  According to MasterCard's ISO Guide to working with acquirers,  (section 2, page 3), this is one of the actions that they actively discourage as damaging and abusive: "
Such practices can include hidden fees, gouging on terminal leases, bait-and-switch pricing, the promise of "guaranteed" merchant approval, Internet "spamming" (unsolicited mass emailings), laundering, inaccessibility for resolution of customer service issues, and contract cancellation penalties." Actions of this nature led to Federal Trade Commission action AGAINST an ISO (Independent Sales Organization)  The complete  ISO guide is downloadable at www.transactionworld.com .
Why do companies charge a cancellation fee?
It allows them to give poor service, and create abusive policies, knowing the cancellation fee will keep you a prisoner. A cancellation fee allows the provider to raise your rates over and over.  We use good customer service, instead of the competition's punitive measures to keep our merchants and customers.
Why do so many companies offer leases on their software and hardware?
This lease is really a contract.  It keeps you locked in to them for the duration of the lease (12, 24, or 48 months).  A $39 dollar per month lease sounds like a good deal?  Do the math.  Its $1872.00 over 4 years!  If you are willing to pay that much for a $450 terminal, call us immediately.

Some companies offer $50, $100 even $200 dollars for a referral, why don't you?
Affiliate and referral commissions come from YOUR application, setup and cancellation fees. 
To pay a $200 referral fee, companies charge the merchant $400.  Would you like us to charge you four hundred dollars?  Of course not.  Affiliate driven companies overcharge their merchants to pay these fees.  A large percentage of our business comes from referrals that we earn through performance, not payment.

I already have a merchant account, can I use it for my mobile transactions?  
Our advanced mobile transaction technology uses specialized software at our payment gateway, to provide functionality like server-side signature storage. Besides, our rates are probably lower than what you are getting now- (most people who THINK they are getting lower rates are shocked when they take their statements and do the math).  If you have a deployment over 50 units, and must use your existing account- call us

Why are your monthly rates and equipment costs so low?
It's not that ours are so low, it is that the competition is so high!  The average commissioned salesperson might get 1 to 8 accounts per month.  From these few accounts, the hardware profits and signup fees have to pay for their homes, cars, and family.   No wonder the competition wants you to sign a 48 month lease at $49 dollars per month!  Our technology for Palm, Pocket PC, Nokia, Nextel, and PC's bring us a constant stream of merchants that apply on line, with minimal overhead.