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Make sure to include:

  Signed 5-Page Application (see below for where to sign)
   Voided Check from account indicating where your funds will be deposited


Most of the questions we get are answered on this page. 
Customer Support is available at (714) 449-0211 between 9:00am and 5:00pm Pacific time.
You will Need the Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view and print the application.
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Step #1

  Fill out the application.
To make it easier for you, we have broken the application down into logical steps.
1: Sole Proprietors and Partnerships can use their Social Security Number as a Federal Tax ID. Corporations Must include Federal Tax ID AND Social Security Number of applicant. 
Make sure your e-mail address is correct, you will be receiving your Merchant ID and Password at that address within 2 to 3 business days after we receive your paperwork. Make sure you leave your Daytime Phone Number, as a representative will call to verify information.

Step #2

  Print your application, sign it, and get a voided check.

After completing the on-line application process, a separate browser window will appear with your application. Print this application and sign it (if for some reason the application doesn't appear, don't worry, we also send it to you to the email you give us above as an attachment*).

To print your application...

Click on the Print icon.
A three page document with all your information will be ready for your signature. No additional information needs to be completed.  There will be many blanks of the form, don't worry, this is information we no longer need, such as business references and driver's license information.

To sign your application...    (bottom of page 2)

For personal, and non-incorporated businesses:  TWO SIGNATURE LINES
   1. Sign and date Personal Guarantor area (top RED area)
   2. Sign and date Authorized Signer for Business area (bottom RED area)
   3. See "Joint-Checking Account Notice" below

   1. Sign & date the Personal Guarantor area (top RED area)
   2. Sign & date the Authorized Signer for Business area (bottom RED area)
   3. Secretary of the board must sign & date the For all Corporations area (GREEN area)

To prepare a voided check...

   1. The a check must be for the account you want us to deposit your funds into.
   2. It must be the account used in the application.
   3. In must be an imprinted check, it cannot be a temporary, or counter check.
   4. Print "VOID" on the check, but do not write over the MICR numbers at the bottom.

Joint-Checking Account Notice:
A Joint checking account is an account where there is more than one name printed on the check.
If there is only one name on the check, even if there are 50 authorized signers, it is not considered a joint account. If you are using joint checking account, you MUST include the other party's SIGNATURE, in the CO-GUARANTOR box in the PERSONAL GUARANTEE SECTION, as well as their SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, and address when filling in the application. 

Step #3

  FAX it in!

 !!! NEW !!!


FAX TO: 1-800-360-7951


  Signed 3-Page Application (see below for where to sign)
   Voided Check from account indicating where your funds will be deposited

If you are having difficulty with application, you can obtain help at 1-714-449-0211 between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm Pacific Time.



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