Finally...  A solution designed just for YOU!  A complete Limousine
Services payment system for Android and Apple's iPhone / iPad, with a low 1.69% qualified Swiped Rate!




Introducing PV-Limo, our new innovate adaptation of their our Pocket Verifier mobile credit card processing system.  Like Pocket Verifier, PV-Limo allows the limousine operator to accept plastic payments, but it also generates hardcopy receipts and allows the operator to detail industry-specific charges, like Fare, Tolls, Parking, Waiting Time, Stop Time and more.

Hardcopy receipts are not only the best protection against charge-backs but they are also proven to increase the tip amount.  When the cardholder is presented with a clipboard and a receipt to add tip and signature, they know the operator is going to see that. We also allow the operator to print pre-calculated tips on the receipt, with percentages that are set by themselves, and are appropriate to their service area and clientele.

PV Limo uses our new battery powered, Bluetooth Card reader and Thermal Receipt Printer that is Apple MFI Approved to work with iOS powered phones and tablets, and is designed to work seamlessly with Android Bluetooth!


NOTE TO SQUARE USERS;  This is a REAL merchant account, where YOU set the limits on transaction size and monthly volume.  Approved UP-FRONT* by the bank and the underwriters!  This means NO 30 DAY HOLDS ON YOUR FUNDS!  (*Merchant Accounts require approval)

Merchant Accounts with a Flat Monthly Rate - $24.95
Swipe or key credit cards on your PDA or PC!

( 1.69% swiped or 2.2% keyed and 30 per transaction)

NO Application Fee NO Setup Fee $0- ZERO Startup Cost

NO Term Commitment (Month-to-Month) NO Cancellation Fee

NO Statement Fee NO Gateway Fee NO Monthly Minimums

FREE  AMEX Setup FREE Technical Support
Gateway services

        While some competitors offer no telephone support, or contract it out to India, you can speak directly to the authors of the software, the manufacturer of the hardware, and your merchant account provider...  US!  Now that's access to support!  The very same team that helps you set up an account is also your resource for help with our mobile and PC technologies!  We are available from 9:00am to 5:00pm Pacific (Here in sunny, California, USA).  Also a 24 hour Toll free number is available to our merchants upon approval!


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Using The System - Android
Making a Swiped Credit Card Sale
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