This screen-by-screen tutorial will step you through the process of accepting credit cards with the nSwipe card reader

We are now going to set up perform a swiped
Credit Card Transaction, using the iMerchant.




Tap on the PV Limo icon to start.  This is a good time to turn your iMerchant Card Reader and Printer on as well!



You will be taken straight to the sales screen, take the customer's card and swipe it with your iMerchant.



The customer's credit card information will appear, and the program will ask you for the base FARE for the trip.  Press "DONE" after you have entered the fare, then tap on the area that says "Tap to add charges".


Enter the additional charges for this trip, and press "Save"

Remember, you can add or change charge descriptions at any time.



Now, all of your charges are in the system, and you are ready to get your gratuity!



Tap on the "Action Button" (The square with an upwards arrow at the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Then Select "Print Service Receipt"



The receipt will print, with all your charges broken down into Taxable and Non-Taxable categories.

Present this to the cardholder and allow him to fill in Tip, Total, and signature.

This becomes YOUR copy, and the best protection from chargebacks available!



Enter the Tip amount, and then press "Charge Sale"


In moments, the card is processed, and you get your approval screen.  If "Autoprint Approvals" is turned on in SETTINGS, then the customer copy will print automatically and immediately.  If not, you can print the customer copy with the PRINT button, or even email a copy to them (or yourself) using the mail icon to the right of the PRINT button.

That's All it takes - Repeat until wealthy!


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