Records and saves your transactions!




The Sales History database saves:
  • Completed Transactions
  • Saved (pending) Transactions

Completed Transactions can be refunded (Credited or Voided, depending on the batch status), and Pending (or saved) transactions can be processed.

Each record contains a lot of information, as you can see from the diagram above!



Navigating the Sales History Screen is easy...  The Tabs at the top allow you to view ALL transactions, APPROVED Transactions only, or PENDING Transactions only.




Tapping on an APPROVED Transaction gives you the opportunity to refund that transaction.  Just tap on "Refund".


  You will be asked for confirmation


If the batch has closed on the transaction, a VOID will be issued, removing it from your batch.

If the transaction has already settled, a CREDIT will be issued for the full amount, effectively reversing the transaction.  Partial credits can only be issued online through your Transaction Central control panel (Included FREE with all of our accounts)


Tapping on a PENDING transaction will bring it up to be processed (charged).  

This feature allows you to store a transaction while outside your wireless service area, and process it when you get back in range.

Note that PA-DSS regulations forbid the storage of magnetic track data, so the transaction was converted to a KEYED transaction at the time it was saved.


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