Setting up PV Limo is a breeze..  Just enter your information to set up your merchant account.



  Tap on "Settings" to get this screen, and then tap on the account number to change your system from Demo mode to your live account.








Enter your 5 or 6 digit Transaction Central ID, Your Transaction Central Password, and your Activation key and then press "Validate".  


Your Activation Key is on a small sticker on the instructions that came with your printer.  If you need additional activation keys, click here.



  Once you have set up your merchant account (the demo account is shown here), you can enter your area's Tax rate, and edit the header and footer that will appear on your receipts.


  Tap on the SALE button at the bottom of the screen, then tap on the word "Charges".

PV Limo comes with three default itemized charges for your limo service. You can add four additional custom charges as well as having the ability to change the field descriptions of the three default items. Default terms can always be overridden for any sale and you can change your default descriptions on-the-fly.


 a. go to the Sale screen
 b. tap on the Charges line
 c. tap on the field descriptions to make changes
 d. tap on
Update Descriptions

 The field names you entered will now always appear when you tap on the Charges line from the Sale screen.

To reset the top three items to their default names (Tolls, Parking, Wait Time), simply clear the text.


Now you are ready to use PV Limo!

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