Accept Credit Cards Anywhere
 on your Android!

The Android Credit Card Verifier software is FREE to all MerchantAnywhere merchants! - The Bluetooth Pocket Spectrum is reduced to $299 for 
MerchantAnywhere merchants ONLY.

With Android Verifier, the Android version of Pocket Verifier- you can transfer funds from your customer's credit card directly into your checking account! Pocket Verifier Professional uses your Android phone's Internet connection to authorize and transfer funds and allows you to conduct business anywhere and anytime an airport, swap meet, construction site, or even a moving vehicle!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This package requires Android Version 2.0 or higher.  For users with Android phones with an earlier version of the Android operating system, check with your carrier for an upgrade.  If an upgrade is not available, a free keyed-only version is available hereThese systems are available EXCLUSIVELY to merchants- if you are applying for a new account, please wait for approval of your account prior to ordering.


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ALL of our merchant accounts include Transaction Central our Virtual Terminal and reporting system Transaction Central is much more than just a virtual terminal,  Transaction Central is also a complete reporting system, which stores all of the information on every transaction.



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