This screen-by-screen tutorial will step you through the process of accepting credit cards with the nSwipe card reader

We are now going to set up perform a swiped
Credit Card Transaction, using the Android.



Tap on the Pocket Verifier icon to start.  This is a good time to turn your Pocket Spectrum Card Reader and Printer on as well!


You will see a splash screen (not shown here), while the software loads, and here your ID and Password (optional) are already entered.

NOTE: You can select multiple merchant accounts (if you have them) by tapping on the "down arrow" next to the MID (Merchant ID).



Once logged in, you get our main menu.

Tap on "Credit Card Sale".


At this point, you could hand-enter (key) in all the customer information, if for example, your customer had a card with a bad magnetic strip.

To swipe a card instead, just tap on the "Swipe Card" button.


When you see this message, you are ready to swipe.


Swipe the card as shown.


You will then get this screen, to indicate that the card has been read, tap on the amount field to bring up the number pad, and enter the amount.

Press "Next" when done.  You can also enter any optional tip or fee on this screen as well!

NOTE: EVO and Droid Incredible users do not have a "Next" button on the keypad, so tap on "Summary" at the top of the screen.


Tap in the signature to capture the customer's signature...


The screen will flip sideways, and you can hold the phone for your customer while he signs with fingertip or optional stylus.  Tap OK when done.


Here is your transaction...  Just tap "Charge" to process it! 


After a few seconds, you will receive your credit card approval! 


And the receipt will print automatically!  

NOTE:  If you are having the customer sign the printed receipt instead of your shiny-new screen, pressing on the print icon will print an additional copy for them to take home!

That's All it takes - Repeat until wealthy!


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