Service Receipts, what they are for, and how
to get and use them!

A Service Receipt is a receipt you can print, after entering the sales amount, that has a line on it for the customer to enter the tip and total.  You then enter the tip into Pocket Verifier, and process the sale!  NOTE: Other transactions cannot be processed until this procedure is complete)


From the "Sale Info" screen, on Credit Card Sales, or from the Cash Sales screen, pressing the Android's MENU button (at the bottom of the phone) brings up 3 icons.

Tap on the "Service Receipt" icon...


The printer will print a Service Receipt for you to hand to the customer.

NOTE:  If you have "Show Tip Suggestions" checked ion your Settings screen, there will be a line under the TIP , showing pre-calculated Tip amounts like this:

15%=3.74    18%=4.48    20%=4.99



The customer then fills out the receipt, and hands it back to you...


You simply key the Tip amount into the "Tip/Fee" box, and process the sale!


As soon as the transaction is approved, the Customer Copy gets printed! (assuming you have "Auto Print Approved Sales").


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