We are now going to set up perform a Cash Sale
Credit Card Transaction, using the Android.


Tap on the Pocket Verifier icon to start.  This is a good time to turn your Pocket Spectrum Card Reader and Printer on as well!


You will see a splash screen (not shown here), while the software loads, and here your ID and Password (optional) are already entered.

NOTE: You can select multiple merchant accounts (if you have them) by tapping on the "down arrow" next to the MID (Merchant ID).



Once logged in, you get our main menu.

Tap on "Cash Sale".


Tap on "Detailed" at the top.  This will allow us to see all of the fields.

Tax, (if not automatically added), can be added (or removed) by tapping on the screen.  

Likewise, tapping on the Tip/Fee brings up the number pad for entering any tips or fees. .


Tap "Print", and the receipt gets printed!.
NOTE: By popular demand, Cash sales DO NOT create a record either in the phone or online.  Merchants wishing to keep track of cash sales need to print and retain a copy of the receipt.


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