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Start the Pocket Verifier Program...


Enter your ID and password..  This is your 5-digit TC Login ID, and NOT your 16-digit "long" Merchant ID.

NOTE:  The Test account, MID=10600, PWD = 1234 can be activated without an activation key for demonstration and test purposes.  Cards entered will NOT be charged, and the authorization code returned will be "999999".  If you activate this test account CARE MUST BE TAKEN NOT TO INADVERTENTLY USE IT WITH REAL SALES AND CUSTOMERS, as no funds will be transferred!



Your Merchant ID will be verified...


For all non-test accounts, an Activation Key is needed.  If you purchased a Pocket Spectrum, the Activation Key is on a sticker on the cover of the Pocket Verifier for Android Software manual.

If you do not have the Pocket Spectrum, and need an Activation Key, click Here.


When you see this screen, you are ready to start processing credit cards anywhere with Pocket Verifier Professional for Android!

That's All it takes!!  Easy as 1-2-3!


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